Taken from Scientific American, Building Edition. May 1901

Photo of house

floor 1 plan

floor 2 plan


The engraving presented on page 90 illustrates a dwelling which has been erected for Mr. W.F. Wright, at Springfield, Mass.

The underpinning is red brick. The superstructure above, of wood, is sheathed on the exterior framework, and covered with clapboards and shingles.

The first story is painted a dull brown with white trimmings, while the shinglework is finished in a silvery gray. The roof is covered with shingles and finished similar.

Dimensions: Front, 38 ft. 6 in.; side, 25 ft. 6 in, not including piazza. Height of ceilings: Cellar, 7ft.; first story, 9 ft.; second, 8 ft. 6 in.; third, 8 ft.

The hall is trimmed with oak, and contains an ornamental staircase, with posts, balusters, and rail turned out of oak. The parlor and library are trimmed with ash, and the latter contains an open fireplace, with tiled facings and hearth, and mantel of excellent design.

The dining room is trimmed also with oak, and has a yellow pine floor. It also has a nook with a china closet built in. The pantry and kitchen are trimmed and wainscoted with yellow pine, and furnished complete.

The second floor contains four good-sized bedrooms and bathroom; the latter wainscoted and fitted up with porcelain fixtures and exposed plumbing.

The third floor is an open attic. Three bedrooms could be finished off if desired.

A cemented cellar contains furnace and laundry.

Cost, $3,300 complete.

Messrs. J.D. & W.H. McKnight, architects, Springfield, Mass.

The location of this house in Springfield is unknown.