Taken from Scientific American, Building Edition. January 1900.

Photo of house

Interior Photo

Interior Photo

floor 1 plan

floor 2 plan


THE engravings shown on page 8 illustrate a modern residence which has been erected for A. D. Smith, Esq., at Springfield, Mass.

The building is treated in the Colonial style, and though square in outline it has an attractive porch with Colonial columns and Ionic capitals. The underpinning is built of red brick laid up in red mortar. The superstructure of wood is covered with clapboards, and painted yellow with ivory-white trimmings. The roof is covered with shingles and stained moss green.

Dimensions: Front, 26 ft.; side, 31 ft., not including porch. Height of ceilings: Cellar, 7 ft.; first story, 9 ft.; second, 8 ft. ; third, 8 ft.

The hall, or living-room, is an attractive apartment, and is trimmed with whitewood, stained and finished in mahogany. This room contains an open fireplace, with hearth and facings of dark green tiles and a mantel of cherry. On either side of fireplace are placed Dutch seats with lids, making ample space for storage of fire logs. The staircase is a combination one, and is ornamented with newel posts, balusters and rail. This living hall and library are separated by an archway with paneled base and Colonial columns rising up and supporting a beamed arch.

The library is treated with a similar finish. Both rooms have oak floors, highly polished, and walls covered with green paper with Colonial wreaths in gold, which with the mahogany woodwork gives a very rich harmony of color. The dining-room is trimmed with whitewood and is finished in antique oak. It has a plate shelf which surrounds the wall, and a cluster window with a stained glass transom which is quite unique. The kitchen and pantry are wainscoted and furnished with all the best improvements.

The second floor contains three bedrooms, one of which has a nook with paneled seats, den, and bathroom, the latter having a medicine closet, porcelain-lined' tub, other fixtures and exposed nickel-plated plumbing. This bathroom also has an art glass window. The bedrooms are painted in harmony with the color scheme of walls. A cemented cellar contains furnace room, laundry, and other necessary rooms. Mr. Louis F. Newman is the architect, 21 Elm Street, Springfield, Mass.

Our engravings were made direct from photographs of the building, taken specially for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

This house is at 28 Pineywoods Ave. in the Forest Park neighborhood.