Taken from Scientific American, Building Edition. January 1900

Photo of house

Photo of house

Interior of house

Interior of house

floor 1 plan

floor 2 plan


WE present on pages 5 and 7 in this issue a modern country residence which has been erected recently for John A. Hall, Esq., at Springfield, Mass.

The building is a model of architectural good taste; it is treated in the English style in a most effective manner. A happy combination is made of brick and stucco with half-timbered work. The underpinning and first story are built of two kinds of brick, with dressed sandstone trimmings. The building above is beamed, and the spaces are filled in with stucco work. The roof is covered with shingles.

Dimensions: Front, 82 ft.; side, 47 ft.; not including porch. Height of ceilings: Cellar, 8 ft.; first story, 11 ft.; second, 10 ft. ; third, 9 ft.

The interior plan is arranged in a most excellent manner, and it is finished off in a substantial and artistic style. The vestibule is trimmed with quartered oak, and has a tiled floor. The front porch has also a tiled floor. The main hall, treated in the English style, is trimmed with quartered oak. The walls are paneled with oak, and the ceiling is heavily beamed, forming deep panels. The staircase has massive newel posts, handsomely carved. This staircase is lighted effectively by a cluster of stained-glass windows, and is provided with bay window thrown out with seat. A lavatory and coat closet are located beneath stairway. This hall also contains an attractive nook with seats, and a side entrance and hall, which are reached by ten risers up from the level of main floor.

The library at the level of this side hall is trimmed with quartered oak and is provided with a paneled wainscoting four feet in height, and an open fireplace with tiled facings and hearth, and mantel elegantly carved. The parlor, trimmed with mahogany, has a paneled wainscoting and an open fireplace with tiled trimmings and mantel. A paneled seat is placed at side of same. The sitting-room is trimmed with quartered oak, and it also has a paneled wainscoting and fireplace. The dining-room is trimmed with quartered oak. The walls and ceilings throughout are paneled and beamed. It has an open fireplace, trimmed with unglazed tile and wrought iron, and a carved mantel. A small bay window with leaded glass lights and seat is thrown into dining-room at the level of first landing of main staircase. The floors of first story are of quartered oak. The butler's closet and kitchen are trimmed with hard pine, and each apartment is fitted up with all the best modern conveniences.

The second floor contains six bedrooms, large closets, and two bathrooms. The bedrooms are treated with white enamel. The bathrooms have floors paved with unglazed tiles, and a wainscoting of marble five feet in height. These bathrooms are provided with porcelain fixtures and exposed nickel-plated plumbing. The fireplaces on second floor have tiled facings and hearths with mantels, the whole of which is in harmony with the trim of each apartment.

The third floor contains several guest bedrooms, besides the servant quarters, reached by a, private stairway. A cemented cellar contains laundry, furnace-room, and all the necessary rooms for a well-appointed house. Cost, about $35,000 complete. Mr. G. Wood Taylor, architect, No. 425 Main street, Springfield, Mass.

Our engravings were made direct from photographs of the building, taken specially for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

Note: This house is at 26 Ridgewood Terrace, in the Ridgewood neighborhood.