Taken from Scientific American, Building Edition. April 1900

Photo of house

floor 1 plan

floor 2 plan


We present herewith on page 66, in this issue, a modern residence erected for Mr. Haskel Dodge, by the Forest Park Heights Land Company, at Springfield, Mass.

The design is an attractive one. It has a pleasing roof with double gable ends, a chimney which is an architectural feature in itself, and a bay window with stained glass transom. The underpinning is built of red brick, laid in red mortar. The superstructure is covered with sheathing, paper, and then shingles stained a Van Dyke brown, while the trimmings are painted a cream white. The roof is shingled also and stained moss green with a mottled effect.

Dimensions: Front, 27 ft. 8 in., with a 16-ft. extension at dining-room; side, 38 ft. 8 in., not including piazzas. Height of ceilings: Cellar, 7 ft.; first story, 9 ft. 2 in.; second, 8 ft. 10 in.; third, 8 ft. 6 in.

The interior plan is arranged in a most excellent manner. The vestibule is paneled with oak, and it has a tiled floor. The main staircase hall is trimmed with quartered oak. It contains a nook with seat, a paneled divan, and an ornamental staircase turned out of oak, and provided with newel posts and spindle screen. The parlor is trimmed with whitewood, treated with white enamel.

The sitting-room is trimmed with quartered oak, and it contains an open fireplace, with tiled hearth and facings and mantel. The dining-room, trimmed with white-wood, is treated with white enamel. It has a paneled wainscoting, at the top of which is a shelf studded with bronze tacks.

The kitchen, pantries, and rear hall are trimmed and wainscoted with whitewood, finished na- tural. These apartments are furnished complete with the best modern fixtures. The floors are of oak and Georgia pine throughout.

The second floor contains four bedrooms, large closets and bathroom. These bedrooms are finished in enamel paint and stainings. The bathroom is wainscoted, and is furnished with porcelain-lined tub and fixtures and open nickelplated plumbing.

The third floor contains a hall and three bedrooms. There is a cemented cellar under the whole building, with laundry, steam heat, vegetable cellar, and the usual necessary rooms.

Cost, $5,800, including steam heat and everything complete. Messrs. Louis Frank Newman and Carroll H. Pratt, architects, 21 Elm Street, Springfield, Mass.

Our engravings were made direct from photographs of the building, taken specially for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

Note: This house is at 82 Spruceland Avenue.