Taken from Scientific American, Building Edition. July 1899

Photo of house

floor 1 plan

floor 2 plan


THE engraving shown on page 9 in this issue illustrates a residence which has been erected for Miss E. Maud Ashley, at Armory Hill, Springfield, Mass.

The engraving shows a well-proportioned design, with many good features. The underpinning is built of brick, laid up in red mortar. The superstructure is covered with sheathing, paper, and shingles, and then stained a Vandyke brown, while the trimmings are painted cream white. The sash and blinds are painted bottle green. The roof is covered with shingles and stained a moss green.

Dimensions: Front. 35 ft.; side, 35 ft., not including piazza. Height of ceilings: Cellar, 7 ft. ; first story, 10 ft, ; second, 9 ft. ; third, 8 ft.

The interior is arranged in a most complete manner. The hall is trimmed with oak, and it has a paneled wainscoting and ceiling beams. The fireplace, built of brick, is furnished with a tiled hearth and facings, and a mantel made from special design. The staircase is an ornamental one, and is turned out of oak, with seat at side, and a bay window with latticed lights thrown out at landing.

The parlor is trimmed with pine, and treated in white and gold. It connects with dining-room, which is trimmed with oak, and provided with paneled wainscoting, a beamed ceiling, and a nook built in with buffet in a handsome manner. The pantries and kitchen are trimmed and wainscoted with ash, and are furnished complete with all the best modern fixtures.

The second floor contains four bedrooms, with large closets, and bathroom, wainscoted and furnished with porcelain fixtures and exposed plumbing.

The third floor contains three bedrooms and ample storage room. A cemented cellar contains laundry, furnace, and other necessary apartments.

Messrs. J. D. and W. H. McKnight, architects, Springfield, Mass.

Our engravings were made direct from photographs of the building, taken specially for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

This house is located at 10 Monmouth St., McKnight district.