Taken from Scientific American, Building Edition. July 1896.

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We present on page 10, as a subject for our colored plate in this issue, a cottage of low cost, which has recently been erected for Benjamin Harman, Esq., by.the Forest Park Heights Company, at Springfield, Mass.

The engraving presents an unusually attractive design of most satisfactory treatment. A particularly attractive elevation, with a really well-arranged plan, makes it one which could be utilized with advantage. It is a difficult matter to obtain a design with the combined advantages of a pleasing exterior and a good plan at so low a cost; and one has only to look around and notice the style of buildings of this class which are, as a rule, erected, to appreciate the design.

The construction used in the execution is of the usual kind, but thoroughly substantial. The foundation is built of stone, and the underpinning of brick, laid up in red mortar. The building above of wood, is covered on the exterior with clapboards and shingles, and painted Colonial yellow, with white trimmings. The roof is shingled and stained moss green color.

Dimensions: Front, 27 ft. 6 in.; side,43 ft. Height of ceilings : Cellar, 7 ft.; first story, 9 ft.; second, 8 ft. 6 in.; third, 8 ft.

The hall is trimmed with oak. It has a floor laid with oak in narrow widths and highly polished, and an ornamental staircase turned out of similar wood. Parlor, dining-room, and nook are trimmed with ash, and the former contains an open fireplace fitted up with tiled hearth and facings, and an excellent mantel. Kitchen and pantries are wainscoted and trimmed with whitewood, and each apaitmen is fitted up with the best fixtures. Dining-room and kitchen have hardwood floors, and the latter has a stairway to second story.

The second and third floors are trimmed with whitewood, and finished natural. The second floor contains five bedrooms, closets, and bathroom ; the latter is wainscoted with narrow beaded ash, and provided with porcelain fixtures and exposed plumbing.

Third floor contains two bedrooms and ample storage. Cemented cellar contains furnace, laundry, and other necessary apartments.

Cost, $3,500, complete. Messrs. Winslow & Wetherell, architects, Philips Building, Boston, Mass.

Our engraving was made direct from photographs of the building, taken specially for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

Note: This house is at 17 Magnolia Terrace.