Unknown house number 75

Building Type

Single Family Residence





Griswold & Steele


Jim Boone

Current Condition


This house is fairly basic, however the note on the back is interesting. Census records show that a woman named Addie (Buck) Flagg had a son named Charles C. Flagg, who was born in 1911. Addie Buck was listed as a domestic servant in 1910, living in Northampton. The date of the note about her "keeping house" matches her reported marriage date to Charles A. Flagg. Charles A. Flagg was listed living in Springfield in . The house has a clear number 75 on the front, but neither of the houses that Addie was associated with in both 1910 or 1911 were numbered 75. Charles A. Flagg had lived in several houses in the Six Corners neighborhood, so it is possible the house is located there.

Reverse Text

Went to keeping house Sept 11, 1910, a bride. 1911 Chas C. Flag born in this house. [CHARLES FLAGG BORN IN THIS HOUSE]