60 Crescent St., Northhampton

60 Crescent St., Northhampton


60 Crescent St., Northhampton

Building Type

Single Family Residence


60 Crescent St.





J.F. Brown


Current Condition

This house is still standing, the carriage house is also still standing and may have been converted into a separate apartment. The house is in outstanding condition.


Reverse Text

Very glad to receive your card last week and I trust you are all in good health now. Too bad Cass has been sick. So Avis is taking music lessons. Good. I haven't seen [unknown name] yet to congratulate her. She has [unknown} for two years but this seemed to develop in the fall. Hope to see her when she is home for the holidays. Will is coming Christmas eve for three days. Guess I am glad. This is a picture of my brother's house. My room is situated so I can't tell you where to look, but it is a pleasant [unknown] room. With love and the best of good wishes for you all. Sincerely yours, ?Jessica? Bassett. Dec. 23, 1908


Not postally used.