West Suffield - unknown

West Suffield - unknown


West Suffield - unknown

Building Type

Single Family Residence



West Suffield



Griswold & Steele


Ralph Slate

Current Condition


The foundation of this house seems to be made of concrete or stone block. It is a farm-like setting, with maybe some corn stalks growing on the right side. The house is of a colonial design, but does not appear to be an older house which has been modified with a porch, it seems to be a newer structure when the photo was taken.

Reverse Text

West Suffield, CT

Grace's home, my home is in the upper tenement and so pleasant. This for Mary, Merton & Walter. Come & see me when you can & I will do likewise. Hope cousin N. & I shall have our visit together [unreadable] you yet, [unreadable] going to see you for so long. With love for you all, come to see me when you can. Lovingly, Matt [Rost?]

Mary, Merton & Walker
Am sending one card only to you. Want to send W.S. and W.A. one. Have sent Cousin Nancy's to her. Matt


Not postally used