Unknown older cottage with trees

Unknown older cottage with trees


Unknown older cottage with trees

Building Type

Single Family Residence



Springfield area




Griswold & Steele


Ralph Slate

Current Condition


This house is older, likely an early farmhouse. The windows are 6 over 6, which implies that the house was built in the 1840-1870 era. The postmark on the card is from Westfield, but it is ambiguous from the writing on the back whether the house belongs to the writer, or to the writer's parents. The house is most likely *not* 62 Greenwich St., since that street was not laid out until post-1899.

Reverse Text

Dear Sis. I am feeling well again and have sent for the gents to come as so on as they can now. We were up home a month ago Sunday, they were all pretty well. Lil Edna and Lee had the chicken pox. Were nearly over it. I expect Mab in Aug Ed has lift [sic] their[sic] and gone to Ohio so we won't see him again. Come over if you can soon. I wish you could stay long enough to go out to Lus. It's fine out here we have all been out helping him (Lay it). ?????. How do you like the other side?

I had an 18 page letter from sis yesterday.


Mrs. Fannie M. Wyman
62 Greenwich St.
Springfield, Mass