Unknown house next to dingle

Unknown house next to dingle


Unknown house next to dingle

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Springfield area





Jim Boone

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This house has a very McKnight feel to it, but it is sitting next to what appears to be a dingle - land sloped downward into the woods.

The text of the card implies that it is written to a student; the address implies that the student is at Williams College. Addison Hurlbut Northop was mentioned as a Williams College graduate in his engagement announcement published in 1916; his parents were listed as Reverend and Mrs. C.H. Northop of Norwich, CT, however they did not live in a house that resembled this. It is likely that the card is from a relative.

Reverse Text

Just to let you know I am thinking of the little "Freshy" and wishing him the "bestest" luck. I'm going to play tennis this afternoon but all day I've been pegging at books in the room with draped curtains you see in the picture, not Latin or "Math" but ledgers and journals. From an M.A.N.


Mr. A. Hurlbut Northop
P.O. Box 144
Williamstown Mass