Unknown Foursquare with Holyoke Postmark, maybe #59

Unknown Foursquare with Holyoke Postmark, maybe #59


Unknown Foursquare with Holyoke Postmark, maybe #59

Building Type

Single Family Residence



Springfield area




No photographer


Ralph Slate

Current Condition


This house is a foursquare house which is relatively common in Holyoke. The postmark makes it likely to be in Holyoke. A number is visible above the porch stairs, it may be #59, however visual inspection of houses with that number in Holyoke do not turn up a match. The house is different from many Holyoke foursquares in that it has a bay window on the right side, and has a concrete block foundation (a Holyoke trait).

Reverse Text

Dear M. Four cards received last week & one yesterday. Are glad you are enjoying your trip, but don't bring any of those flies home with you for souvenirs. Mary Dickinson was here over last night come for her bathing suit. We have been having some nice showers this [???] but no lightning. The people are getting on fine with their haying[?]. Ed will have to celebrate birthday alone this time. Suppose I wont have time to write again before you come. Love, Auntie. Ed sends love.


Miss Mabel L. Judd
c/o Mrs W.L. Plourmon[?]
Hamilton, Bermuda