20 Kenwood Terrace

20 Kenwood Terrace


20 Kenwood Terrace

Building Type

2-family residence


20 Kenwood Terrace


Forest Park




Griswold & Steele


Ralph Slate

Current Condition

The house has been completely encased in vinyl siding. The front porches on the first and second floor are enclosed. There is no more decorative trim; it has been covered in siding.


The address of the house is written on the back of the card.

Reverse Text

Dear Mrs. Jewet. I am just going to tell you where I am. I am here with Frank & Fannie and this is the picture of the house they live in. It is a lovely place. I have a very pleasant room. It looks right over to the school building where Russell goes to school. It is quite [unreadable] for me to see the children. They live quite near Belmont Ave. That is where [unreadable] lives. The cars go right by here and then go there. Love to your mother same to you. -- S.L. Whittier. P.S. write to me all the news.


Mrs. Auther Jewit
Middle St.
Skowhegan, Maine