49 Laurel St., Holyoke

49 Laurel St., Holyoke


49 Laurel St., Holyoke

Building Type

Single Family Residence


49 Laurel St.





Griswold & Steele


Ralph Slate

Current Condition


This house has a number on the front, but it is partially obscured by vine branches. It may say 49. It is a nice Queen Anne style, with a substantial turret. The windows on the third floor are unusual, they are 6 over 1, but not a uniform pattern. The windows on the right side are a different style with 10 small lights surrounding one large light, similar to the neighboring house.

The side stairs are also atypical, coming off the house at an angle to the porch.

The structure in the rear, which may be a neighboring property, is unusual too, it appears to have a very tall foundation, with a door or hatch on the ground floor, but no windows. It may be a carriage house.

Identified visually as 49 Laurel St. in Holyoke.

Reverse Text

Dear Bob -

Many thanks for the lovely fruit. Wich [sic] pa for got to say in his letter to you, so I thought I would do it for the whole family. With [unreadable] house and all with love from us all. Mudder


Postally unused