86 Euclid Ave.

86 Euclid Ave.


86 Euclid Ave.

Building Type

Single Family Residence


80 Euclid


Forest Park





Ralph Slate

Current Condition


The photo on this card is a very dark blue tint, so the resulting scan is not very good. The text is featured on the front of the card, the back is undivided. The card is signed Mrs. Knapp, a Myra Knapp lived at 86 Euclid in 1929.

Reverse Text

Dear Mrs. Duncan. I read your ?postall? and was so sorry that you were unable to visit me, but hope you will be able to in the near future. How are you all? I would love to see you. How do you like the looks of our new house? We are just in love with it. I have 4 rooms on first floor, 11 in all. Do write me a good long letter and tell me how you all are. I think of you so often. We like it here very much. Love to all, Mrs. Knapp.


Mrs. Arthur B. Duncan
Union St.
Portsmouth, NH