21 College St.?

21 College St.?


21 College St.?

Building Type

Single Family Residence


21 College St.





No photographer


Ralph Slate

Current Condition


The rear of this postcard states that the house is of 21 College St. College St. was renumbered between 1910 and 1920; upon renumbering, the first house on the street started at #75. In 1910, the house shown at #21-23 College St. corresponds with #81-83 College St. today.

The 1911 city directory lists a Leroy Wilcox at #21 College St., which is consistent with this card. However, the house currently at #21 College St. does not resemble the house in this postcard at all. It is a two-family house on the city atlas, and is still a two-family house, whereas this card shows a single family house. The styles of the house are totally different. This house also has a barn/garage, but the house on the atlas shows no structure in the rear.

It is more likely that this photo is of Leroy Wilcox, who happened to live at #21 College St., but the house pictured is from another location. Leroy Wilcox was a Real Estate and Insurance Broker.

This card is also interesting for two more reasons. First, the automobile is unusual for a postcard of this era. Second, there appears to be a goat hitched to a small wagon in the driveway.

Reverse Text

The Leroy Wilcox family at 21 College St. Springfield