32 Birnie Ave.

32 Birnie Ave.


32 Birnie Ave.

Building Type

Single Family Residence


32 Birnie


North End





Ralph Slate/Jim Boone

Current Condition

No longer standing, the neighborhood was wiped out by the construction of Route 91


There is a house number on the right side of the door frame, #32. There are two copies of this card, with separate messages noted below. Second version is postmarked Jan 13, no year.

Mrs. Henry (Minnie) Messing has an aunt named Emma Lipfert (Aunt Emma). She married Carl Wiegand, a Springfield resident, in 1910. Carl Wiegand lived at 32 Birnie Ave in 1912. That house was built between 1899 and 1910, so it seems likely to be this house.

Reverse Text

Dear Minnie,
Last week I started a letter to you, but did not finish it as there is not much to say. I send (sic) this card to let you know, that I have no use for the cap, maybe you need it again some other time. Love from Emma.
Dear Minnie. Many thanks for your wishes. I return them with pleasure. This is a picture of our home very nicely located. Best regards from Aunt Emma


Mrs. Henry Messing
Horseheads, NY
Box 174